When I hear a song I resonate with, it changes my life. Sometimes by a little, sometimes by a lot. That is the music I want to make and the artist I want to be.”

The origin of alternative/indie artist Danielle Dayton’s soulful voice and songwriting savvy is atypical. The tap dancer turned singer-songwriter has a unique relationship with music, rhythm and story. Her experiences as a dancer have shaped the style and groove of the music she creates, securing accolades from Alan Cross, DOMINIONATED and Great Dark Wonder. 

This Alberta-born songwriter weaves vivid stories into her songs, accented by her deeply dark vocal timbre and soaring melodies. Her sound is akin to Elle King and Brandi Carlille, who happen to be her two music heroes. 

Her EP “Run” received an Edmonton Music Award nomination and her following singles “Spider Blues” and “Lady Luck” set in motion two Canadian tours from Vancouver Island to Toronto. Her single, “Lady Luck” landed a placement and feature in the Documentary “Prairie Sound: Portrait of a Music Producer.”

Danielle’s latest single “I Can’t Lose You,” is a dark pop ballad with epic swelling strings, moody piano chords, driving acoustic guitar, and haunting vocal soundscapes. The song portrays a relationship in need of resuscitation. Love has vanished into a deep, dark forest and requires a signal fire in hopes to be found again. 

Writing songs, sharing them, and connecting with community through music, will always be a part of me. It doesn't just go away... trust me, I've tried.”

Photo by Tilynn Bauck Photography 

...Extra points awarded for Danielle’s carefully crafted lyrics ” - Martin Noakes

— Great Dark Wonder

Bluesy with a modern sensibility and a knack for lyrics that paint vignettes...” - Jim Di Gioia

— Dominionated